On her first acting gig (Barbie commercial).

hey y’all!

sorry, it’s been foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr since i updated! requests will soon be granted. hopefully anyone active still follows this blog haha

hope you guys are having a wonderful winter!

Anonymous asked: Are you creepily obsessed with Mila Kunis?

you know it.

i like to know what she’s doing every minute, every second of the day. i sent her 247 love letters in the mail and boy i hope she gets them! :)

Not a GIF. Don’t care.

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Any requests?

Hey guys, so I’m taking any requests to GIF of Mila at the moment.. so if you have anything in mind you’d like to see in a GIF feel free to leave me a message in my ask box.

Also, if it’s a video on Youtube.. please give a link. ;)